Most people are aware that batteries often fail during winter. But more would be surprised to learn that batteries often fail during summer too. Batteries are created to work in a wide range of temperatures. However, their performance suffers in high and low extremes. When having battery trouble, consult with one of our Westerly, RI Valenti Subaru garage technicians who will determine the underlying cause and make the correction.

When the outdoor temperature drops to freezing, a battery loses approximately 20 percent of its power capacity. Should the temperature drop to 22 degrees below zero, the power drops another 30 percent.

Batteries die for three different reasons. They have a reduced capacity secondary to lifespan, the starter draws more power or accessories require more power. A battery that is nearing the end of its life becomes affected by the starter that needs more power in winter or the air conditioning that draws more electricity in summer, the battery cannot fulfill the need.

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