Do you have winter tires on your vehicle? At Valenti Subaru, we want to help you maximize those tires' longevity. We've seen enough damaged snow tires and ice tires at our location in Westerly, RI to know that you should not drive on them beyond winter. Let's highlight the reasons now.

Winter tires perform impeccably on snow, ice, and slush. When those conditions are not present, and the thermometer rises above 32 degrees, winter tires perform worse. Simply, tire makers construct their winter models with rubber compounds that improve their grip as temperatures drop below freezing.

Rising temps do more than cause winter tires to lose their grip and become less safe. Hot pavement shreds winter tires. The ice-biting ridges built into winter treads disappear, a problem you will first see nearest your critical sidewalls. If you run winter tires on your car year-round, you'll be lucky to get two winters out of them.

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