Avoid a Blowout with These Safety Tips

Safety is a priority for most car owners, but one upkeep task that sometimes gets lost during our day to day routine is checking tires for wear. Excessive wear can lead to a blowout on the road and potentially cause an accident.

One habit that helps avoid blowouts is to visually inspect each tire every few weeks. Look for uneven wear on the inside and outside of the tire treads and for cracked sidewalls. A way to quickly check a tire's tread depth is to insert a penny upside down. If the tread isn't deep enough to cover Lincoln's forehead, it's time for a new tire.

At Valenti Subaru, our service technicians are here to help you keep your vehicle operating safely and at its peak performance. Bring your car to our service center in Westerly, RI or call to schedule an inspection.

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